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The name:

The name of our firm stands for harmony and peace in Chinese. It represents our pursuit, on all matters, a legal solution that is of balance and harmony. In English however, our name represents a different but equally important pursuit. "Lexcel", with prefix "Lex" a word in Latin for law combining with "excel", conveys our commitment to excellence and professionalism in law.


Who we are & what we do:

Our firm recruits topline legal experts with master or higher degree in law and business. Our professions are equipped with different expertise and valuable experiences in local and international cases which allow us to provide needed insights and services to enterprises in all areas, especially in financial and corporate investment, mergers and acquisitions, securities issuance and transaction, asset management, labor and employer schemes, foreign investment, public construction, disputes and public policies.

We are proud of being able to provide local service with international vision, a service that is tailor-made and practical. Our clients include well-known local and global institutions, corporations and listed companies. On a case by case basis, we also work closely with foreign law firms, accounting firms and financial consultants upon the need of the clients. Diligence, professionalism, innovation, efficiency and integrity are the values we strive for in everything we do.

Lexcel Partners is also committed to charities as we believe that law must serve the society. We participate in various charity programs and in addition to the programs, we expect our people to spend no less than 100 hours a year in pro bono activitives, which include but not limited to teaching, community services andfree legal services to the need.



Areas of Practice

We provide clients with efficient and quality services that meet the highest standard among the legal service providers. Our human resources and flexibility enable us to handle cases with different scale. To meet a client’s need, legal professions of different practices work together to create the best practical solution. Our firm's areas of practice are as follow:


Corporate Investment

We consult companies on corporate and investment related regulations. We work with clients to create a business plan, that is tailor-made and practical for business operation. We may act on behalf of clients who need to apply permits or approvals of all forms including investment, corporate registrations, factory registrations.


Financial regulatory compliance

Our firm has the professional knowledge, the market information and the needed experience for most kinds of financial cases. We provide legal services and advice to full spectrum of the financial institutions, including but not limited to banks, financial holdings companies, securities firms, insurance companies, securities investment trust enterprises, and securities investment consulting enterprises. We also provide legal advice in relation to asset management funds in, agreement negotiation, registration filings for offshore funds, mutual funds and discretionary investment management. From time to time, we were engaged by regulators or quasi-govermental organization to study or prepare research report on difficult legal issues, drafting regulations, and establishing templates of agreements and forms for use by the industry.


Mergers & Acquisitions:

Our professionals were involved in the proposed amendment to Business Merger and Acquisition Act. We have successfully assisted our clients to execute various important transactions of corporate mergers and acquisitions, inclusive of corporate merger, share purchase, de-merger, joint venture, asset and business transfer, employee transfer, filings with the Fair Trade Commission for merger cases, and filings for relevant special permits. We have been recognized by a number of reputable international institutions, including such as Bloomberg and IFLR, to be one of the topline law firms in the area of mergers and acquisitions in Taiwan.


Dispute Resolution and Relief:

We are experienced in handling civil and criminal litigations, administrative proceedings, arbitrations, mediations and appraisals. Our colleagues have been trained to ensure the quality and to serve our service principles of promptness, accuracy and profundity.


Competition Law:

Handling of legal matters related to the Fair Trade Act ("FTA") such as merger review, concerted actions and unfair competitions is our another strenght. We have successfully assisted the clients in defending allegation of the possible breach of the FTA.


Employment Law

Our firm is experienced in not only the mediation to disputes over labor and management relationship, the litigations, negotiations with the labor unions, and collective bargaining agreement negotiations, but also the personnel retention and transfer and dispute prevention. Besides, we are also fully experienced in applications of work permits and alien resident certificates for expatriates.


Real estates

Real estates (including commercial, industrial, recreational and residential real estates), investment, purchase and sale, lease, development and securitization, as well as non-performing assets related matters.


Intellectual Property Right:

We have established a service platform with Lexcel Partners IP Co., Ltd. ("Lexcel IP") to share experiences of more than 20 years in patent and trademark application, protection and dispute resolution. Through combination of legal expertise and technological profession, we are proficient at application process and dispute resolution. In addition, through establishing the cross-border service channel with foreign law firms, in connection with each IP legal issues such as Patent Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act, and Trade Secret Act, we provide comprehensive legal consultation and service, inclusive of application, registration, protection for IP, global overall IP management, appeal handling and, technology transfer. We also assistant clients in the infringement assessment, evidence collection, warning, and civil and criminal litigation and its strategy.

Areas of Practice

Litigations, dispute resolution and relief, cross border and China investment, drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, corporate establishment and registrations, mergers & acquisitions, labor and employment matters, real estate, regulatory compliance, tax advice, securities transactions, bank financing, insurance, asset management, fair trade law, and intellectual property right related.


Lexcel Partners has been recommended by Asialaw as one of top ranking leading firms in Taiwan for the areas of banking and finance, investment funds, insurance, consumer goods and services, competition/antitrust, dispute resolution, labour and employment, regulatory, capital markets, corporate and M&A, and private equity.  Mike Lu, Echo Yeh, and Sue Su have been recommended as leading practitioners.

Lexcel Partners has been enlisted by Chambers and Partners as one of recommended firms in the areas of "Corporate and M&A", " Banking and Finance" "Capital Markets" and "Employment" in Taiwan.

Echo Yeh and Sue Su have been recommended by Chambers and Partners for the area of "Corporate and M&A", Stacy Lo has been recommended for the areas of "Capital Markets" and "Banking and Finance", and David Tsai has been recommended for the area of "Employment"

Lexcel Partners has been enlisted by Legal 500, as one of recommended firms for the areas of "Corporate and M&A", "Banking" and "Labor" in Taiwan. Mike Lu, Echo Yeh, Sue Su, and David Tsai of Lexcel Partners were recommended.

Lexcel Partners has been enlisted by Bloomberg as one of Leading Law Firms in the Taiwan region.
Lexcel Partners has been enlisted as one of the Leading Firms in Taiwan by Chambers Asia Pacific.
Mike Lu, Echo Yeh and Sue Su have been enlisted as one of the leaders in Taiwan by Chambers Asia Pacific.
Lexcel Partners has been enlisted by IFLR 1000 (International Financial Law Review) as one of the recommended firms in Taiwan.  Mike Lu, Echo Yeh and Sue Su have also been enlisted as one of the Highly Regarded professionals. 
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